What’s Your Focus?

What’s your focus?

All my life, even though I think I’ve been a pretty happy person, I’ve had an underlying focus on

the things that I don’t have and the things that I can’t do….

I’ve had a diverse teaching career and full life of church ministry. One would think that positive

thinking would come naturally with both of these positions… it didn’t.

“I can’t” plagued my world.


For years I pined for a particular relationship to be more vibrant than it was. I didn’t have the

relationship I wanted.

For years infertility plagued my mind. I didn’t have the family that I wanted.

For years I wanted a both a life at home and a life at work. I didn’t have the career I wanted.

For years I was plagued with chronic health concerns. I didn’t have the life I wanted.


There were times when I felt so overwhelmed by what I wanted, that I didn’t see my life through

the lens of what I had. My self worth was tied up in trying to find the things that I didn’t have.

Perfect. Please. Prove. Perform. Ouch.


I didn’t know that this was my lens until coaching entered my world.

Now, six years after a massive compound fracture, I have a lot of pain when I walk even very

short distances. I can’t hike or run any more.



I have decided that I am tired of this focus. The concerns I have are real, difficult, life altering

concerns. However, I’ve decided that I will focus, instead, on what I have.


triathlon_essentials_bike_13Last weekend I participated in a duathlon and with my bum leg I completed the 40km bike ride.

I chose to focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t do.

These things were all true, but focusing on them was not useful.

It took a massive life tsunami for me to see that I can change how I see my life and to focus on

the beautiful things that I have.


When I’ve been able to focus on what I have, other things that I need seem to come my way.

One important truth that I’ve come to realize is that a mindset focused on scarcity begets

scarcity. A mindset focused on “I have enough” brings about abundance. When I believe that I

am enough and can offer myself some compassion instead of beating myself up internally for

the things I don’t have, I have more peace. More peace means that I am able to connect with

the people who really matter in my life in a more meaningful way.


One caveat… a quote by Brené Brown, “The opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It’s enough.

I’m enough.”

I became sick of being scared all the time. I’m became tired of worrying about getting it perfect.

I had to put courage on and to try something different.


Can you relate?

What is holding you back?

What will you do today to find a new perspective?


Contact me today for coaching to find out how you can adjust your focus. You have the power

to choose. You are enough. Do you believe it?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Focus?

  1. Hi Alana,

    We met briefly in one of kcs classrooms this past weekend. You asked to borrow a pair of scissors and that is how I learned of what you do! As you shared you are executive coach, I would be interested to talk more about the supports you offer and how much you charge. I look forward to hearing from you ! Nancy

    1. Hello Nancy,
      I did not know that my website was not relaying emails to me. I realize that this is a very late reply. Are you still interested in having a conversation?

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