Whatifs into What ifs?

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So, let’s try the coach approach to Whatifs…..

  • What if I I am really smart?
  • What if I’m actually good at art?
  • What if I could get control of my anger?
  • What if I could be a wrangler?
  • What if winning is trying?
  • What if I’m could actually start flying?
  • What if I can accomplish my goal?
  • What if I can develop self control?
  • What if I don’t have to yell?
  • What if I can lead really well?
  • What if
  • What if
  • What if
  • What if…..

What do you want…. what do you REALLY want? What if you could create a strategy to

achieve your What ifs…. and turn away from the Whatifs.

As humans we all have a negativity bias. It’s the way our brains are wired…it’s a survival


The problem is that it’s just not useful for most of our lives; our businesses, our relationships,

our perception of ourselves.

So, what if you could address the Whatif that is causing you pain and replace it with something

that gives you more solutions, more success, more happiness?

There is a change management approach called Appreciative Inquiry that has made a massive

impact in my life and in the lives of my clients. Focusing on what is working well, doing more of

it is one way to shift thinking, feeling and being.

If you’d like to explore this idea further, please contact me today for a sample coaching session.

Change your Whatifs into What ifs!!

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