Alana Peters values courage, transparency, and knowledge. Her job as coach and facilitator is to lead her clients to success not by knowing the right answers, but by asking the right questions.

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Parenting, at the best of times, is a challenge.  Parenting a child who has special needs adds another layer to the expectations we have for ourselves and the message that others around us may be conveying.  The reality of how photoshopped and edited our world is, can add a layer of pain to an already [...]

This is Labour Day Weekend.  A lot of people are finding a way to play and there are a lot of people who are working.  I had some errands to do and noticed that this long weekend is, like so many holidays, busier out there. Not quieter. What’s going on? **Some people are finding different [...]

What do you do when someone tells you that you can’t do something or shouldn’t do something?  I recall as a child and trying to convince someone that they shouldn’t smoke.  After that conversation, the habit became even worse. Communication with “at risk” individuals can result in an experience of shame. After being “helped” there [...]

Last week my eleven year old told me that she isn’t good at jumping off of a diving board and wasn’t going to anymore.   I responded to her by saying, “You don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it….” A nearby swimmer heard me, smiled and nodded to my daughter.  I don’t [...]

Here’s the backstory…. Six years ago I had a terrible accident. A compound fracture left me with very little cartilage in my ankle. Every step I took even after I had healed from the break felt like someone was hitting my ankle with a hammer. Prior to the accident I was extremely active doing mountain [...]

I am a coach.  I love what I do.  A lot of people have good questions about my work. One question that gets asked repeatedly is, “What is coaching?” The best answer to “What is coaching?” is always to experience coaching.  It’s like trying to describe chocolate cake. You can try to describe chocolate cake [...]

Have you ever suffered with anxious thoughts and feelings?  I have.  Anxious thoughts and feelings tear away at our effectiveness. Not helpful. A few years ago anxiety was making me feel crazy at work and with my family.  Can you relate?     What it looked like for me.... I was running faster than I [...]

So, let’s try the coach approach to Whatifs….. What if I I am really smart? What if I’m actually good at art? What if I could get control of my anger? What if I could be a wrangler? What if winning is trying? What if I’m could actually start flying? What if I can accomplish [...]

What’s your focus? All my life, even though I think I’ve been a pretty happy person, I’ve had an underlying focus on the things that I don’t have and the things that I can’t do…. I’ve had a diverse teaching career and full life of church ministry. One would think that positive thinking would come [...]

You want to be happy at home, right? You want to be happy at work, right? Chances are there is something getting in your way. This morning while I was out riding my bike, I noticed that it was an amazing morning. Beautiful. All the fields I rode past were lush green, and the road [...]

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