This is Labour Day Weekend.  A lot of people are finding a way to play and there are a lot of people who are working.  I had some errands to do and noticed that this long weekend is, like so many holidays, busier out there. Not quieter.

What’s going on?

**Some people are finding different activities than they usually do which makes it busy.

**People are gearing up for another period of time before a long weekend which also makes it busy.

**There’s also just a lot of busy out there.

How many of us have forgotten how to REST?

I am guilty of not taking the rest I need.  I spent YEARS breathing way too fast, racing from task to task and event to event.

I somehow believed that my worth was attached to what was accomplished. Leaving something undone was actually painful.

Rest is not just necessary. It’s critical.  

There is one, simple metaphor that helps me choose when REST is the most important:  an elastic band.

When we work so hard and give so much, we are stretched with each new effort.  Some elastics have far more “give” and can stretch great distances, much like each persons ability to work.

All elastics have a breaking point.  So do we.

It’s impossible to know when an elastic has reached it’s breaking point. There are clues, but sometimes they surprise us.

What clues are in your life?  Are you paying attention to the clues?  Have you already learned this lesson, but need to learn it again?

Better than stretching an elastic to breaking point, is a the use of an elastic to stretch and releaseWork and rest.

What happens to us when we don’t rest?  Creativity suffers. Relationships suffer.  Overall effectiveness suffers. Clarity and purpose suffer. Decision making ability suffers.  Health suffers.  Is this what we really want? 

Can you relate?

The purpose of an elastic is to stretch.  For that it must contract.

Work can be immensely satisfying.  For that we must find rest.

We cannot give something that we don’t have.

What do you find restful?

What resources do you have to employ a period of rest?

Are your holidays restful or are they a different form of work?

Do you have any practices in place that allow you to shut off your phone?

Give yourself what you need if you’re feeling stretched and ask yourself what is important.   Then breathe deep and make some choices.

They may be hard choices at first. As you get better at resting, you’ll become better at it.

You’ll thank yourself.

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